Afroki’s explosive new track ‘Save My Soul’ feat Jordan Grace

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Afroki, the collaboration between Afrojack and Steve Aoki, presents ‘Save My Soul’ featuring Jordan Grace

Afroki, the powerhouse duo of Afrojack and Steve Aoki, has released their highly anticipated track ‘Save My Soul’ featuring Jordan Grace. The song perfectly blends Afrojack’s infectious beats and Aoki’s signature high-energy style, creating a track that’s both captivating and exhilarating​. This release continues the momentum from Afroki’s previous hit ‘Everything You Do.’

The production is outstanding, featuring a strong bassline and catchy hooks. Smooth transitions between verses and chorus enhance the song’s appeal. The lyrics explore themes of longing and redemption, complementing the vibrance of the song.

‘Save My Soul’ starts with a melodic intro that quickly builds into an energetic beat, showcasing Afroki’s talent for creating dance anthems. Jordan Grace’s emotive vocals add depth to the track, making it a standout in both artists’ discographies. The collaboration highlights the seamless integration of Afrojack’s and Aoki’s styles, producing a sound that is both fresh and familiar to fans.

Jordan Grace, who recently gained recognition on The Voice, delivers a compelling vocal performance that elevates ‘Save My Soul’ to new heights. This single not only highlights Afroki’s innovative approach to electronic dance music but also showcases their ability to produce tracks that resonate deeply with audiences.

In addition to this single, Steve Aoki is set to release his ninth studio album on June 28. This album will feature a diverse range of collaborations, including artists like NE-YO and Lil Jon, further cementing Aoki’s influence in the global music scene. Afrojack, on the other hand, continues to dominate with hits like ‘Give Me Everything’ and ‘Take Over Control.’ As well as new releases such as ‘Underwater’ with DubVision.

‘Save My Soul’ is released through a unique partnership between Aoki’s Dim Mak label, Afrojack’s Wall Recordings, and the newly established Golden Era. Give it a listen below.


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