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Ibiza bans Late-Night Booze Sales

today13/05/2024 16

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Get ready for a shake-up in the party paradise of Ibiza as the Balearic Islands launch a bold move to rein in late-night revelry.

With stricter regulations hitting the nightlife scene, the party capital faces a major makeover.

Authorities on the archipelago have implemented measures aimed at limiting the availability and public consumption of alcohol during the hours of 9:30 PM to 8 AM. The decision stems from concerns over public safetynoise disturbances, and the preservation of the islands’ cultural heritage.

“The most significant modification of the decree is in relation to the consumption of alcohol which will now be prohibited in public thoroughfares in the specific zones affected by this decree,” the Balearic Island Government stated.

In Ibiza, the law now prohibits drinking on public streets in the tourist-heavy neighborhood of San Antonio during the restricted hours. The law also says that boat parties can’t come within a mile of the restricted areas, and they can’t pick up or drop off people there either. However, this law does not apply to bars, clubs, and other venues serving alcoholic beverages. Those caught offending or drinking outside of permitted areas are subject to fines of up to around $1600 USD (€1,500).

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