Benny Benassi ‘Satisfaction’ turns 22 years old

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Benny Benassi iconic track “Satisfaction” celebrates its 22nd anniversary this year, marking its release in Italy in June 2002 as the lead single from his album Hypnotica.

This groundbreaking song features vocals generated by MacinTalk, with two speech synthesizers—a male and a female—repeating the catchy line, “Push me and then just touch me ’til I can get my satisfaction.” As Benassi’s debut single, “Satisfaction” quickly soared to success, peaking at number two in the United Kingdom. It also earned gold certifications in Australia, Belgium, France, and the United States. By August 2014, the track had become the 54th best-selling single of the 21st century in France, with 382,000 units sold.

Benassi drew inspiration for Satisfaction from his experiences as a DJ. He aimed to create a track that would resonate deeply with listeners on the dance floor. He wanted to encapsulate the unifying power of music during a live performance. The distinctive melody was introduced to him by his cousin, Alle Benassi, who had been inspired during a tour in Tunisia. Alle recounted how the notes came to him while playing the clarinet amidst a traffic jam, embedding the tune in his mind. After crafting the instrumental, Benassi faced the challenge of finding a vocalist in Italy. Consequently, he decided to utilize a vocoder. The track, influenced by the electronic and techno music of the early 2000s, is set in B major and plays at 130 beats per minute.

The music video for “Satisfaction” has two versions. The first version features the cover models of Hypnotica turning to face the camera in slow motion, overlaid with animations of lips singing along to the track. This version saw limited airplay. On the other hand, the second, more famous version, depicts women in revealing construction outfits using power tools suggestively. This version aired primarily during late-night hours and featured several well-known models.

Over the years, “Satisfaction” has inspired numerous remakes. For instance, in 2008, middle-aged men from Viborg, Denmark, recreated the music video, gaining local TV coverage. Additionally, on International Women’s Day in 2011, Belgian women’s associations released a “Granny Remake” to highlight the gender pay gap. This version featured older women in the roles originally played by young models.

“Satisfaction” played a crucial role in shaping the electronic music landscape. It firmly established Benny Benassi as a leading figure in the genre. Its success not only propelled Benassi’s career but also helped bring electro house into mainstream consciousness. This track has earned a lasting legacy in the world of electronic music.


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