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Laurent Garnier listens more than 500 EPs every day

today09/04/2024 16 5

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Laurent Garnier recently revealed his intense regime of discovering new music during an event at the AVA conference in London.

In a conversation with writer Séamas O’Reilly, Garnier revealed the astonishing scope of his daily musical exploration, stating that he listens to approximately 500 EPs a day, which equates to an estimated 1,000 to 1,500 tracks daily. This practice, he stressed, is motivated by his unwavering commitment to staying on top of the latest releases and trends, an essential aspect of his craft as a DJ and producer.

Garnier’s immersion in such a vast volume of music is an example of the evolution of the demands placed on artists in the digital age, in which the selection of content and staying at the forefront are fundamental to attracting and retaining audiences. Recognizing the overwhelming influx of new material, especially on platforms like Spotify, Garnier stressed the imperative for DJs to strive for excellence by curating the best music available. He justified his exhaustive listening routine by emphasizing the need to remain informed and discerning in an era characterized by an abundance of musical offerings.

Furthermore, Garnier explained that the topics he discovers have multiple uses in his professional activity. Some are integrated into their live DJ sets, enhancing the audience’s sound experience, while others sneak into their radio shows, such as their famous PBB and [DEEP]Search shows. In this way, Garnier emphasizes the importance of personal selection, avoiding trusting algorithmic recommendations in favor of his own taste and experience.

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